How to use the Sharefox API

Sharefox API introduction

The Sharefox API is a collection of public and private endpoints that allows you to re-create the Sharefox experience using your preferred programming environment and frameworks.

Note: The Sharefox API is currently in beta, so endpoints and their documentation may change in the future

API Documentation

The full Sharefox API documentation is automatically generated when we release a new version and can be found here:


Most endpoints are public, but some endpoints require an authenticated user. To send an authenticated request, you need to log in as a user, and put a "Bearer" token in the "Authentication" header for the subsequent requests.

Authentication endpoints:

Shop user endpoint authentication

Certain endpoints, like "/orders/cart" and similar, must be requested on the behalf of a shop user. A shop user represents a registered customer of the shop.

Log in as a shop user:

Admin user endpoint authentication

An admin user is a privileged user that can perform operations across all users of a shop. These endpoints are prefixed with "/admin" in the endpoint path.

Log in as an admin user:

Note: Be aware that the token format and response structure from "/login" and "/admin/login" are different. The token from "/login" is a short lived JWT token, and the one from "/admin/login" is an opaque long lived token. Both are used the same way though, as a Bearer token in the "Authentication" request header.

Using API in production

Your Sharefox subscription may already include Sharefox API usage - please contact Support to confirm approval and activation for use in production.  

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