How does the Visma e-conomic integration work

The integration between Visma e-conomic and Sharefox will enable Admin users to automatically create invoices based on customer orders in Sharefox. Additionally, Sharefox will create the customer in Visma e-conomic if it does not exist yet based on the data from Sharefox and the order.

Sharefox will use one or more products in Visma e-conomic to define how any accounting is done. The product setup in Visma e-conomic defines which sales account to use, in addition to VAT codes and related setups. It is possible to configure Sharefox to post different Sharefox products to different accounts, allowing for greater granularity in the accounting of posting invoices based on rentals.

The product setup will be used for all invoices, and Sharefox will ensure that each invoice line created contains descriptive text giving more information about the rental, including the type of product in Sharefox and when the rental took place.

The first step in setting up the integration is to complete the setup of Visma e-conomic.

Setting up Visma e-conomic

  • Sign up for Visma e-conomic through their website (in case you have not done this already)
  • Add Sharefox Invoicing Integration app for Visma e-conomic by visiting the page below (while being logged into Visma):

  • Set up one or more rental products in Visma
    • All invoices created by Sharefox will be using these products
    • Define all required setup, including accounting information and product group in Visma e-conomic for how invoices should be posted. This product will be used for all Sharefox created invoices, and each invoice will get individual order lines with text describing the rental and the rental time.
    • Example of a simple, generic rental product:

Contact Sharefox support ( once these steps are completed.

  • Inform support that the setup is complete, include the Agreement Grant Token and the Identificator of the new rental product in the email. Sharefox Support will then complete the setup within your Sharefox rental system.
  • For Identificator of the rental product: Please share with us either
    • a) a unique Product Name or (if this is empty) a unique Product Number or both or
    • b) use the Product Mapping feature directly in Admin under Settings > Integrations > Accounting

How is the invoice created in Visma e-conomic?

The Visma e-conomic invoicing integration works with the Admin Orders module in Sharefox. An invoice that is created in Sharefox can be transferred to Visma e-conomic as described below.

What should I do in Sharefox?

Once you have an order created, you can add an invoice and transfer it to Visma e-conomic by following this sequence:

  • Create an invoice for your order > + ADD AN INVOICE

  • Make sure the invoice data is complete

  • Set a suitable due-date of your invoice
  • Click Send Invoice

What happens in Visma e-conomic?

The system will automatically perform the following steps:

  1. Find the right customer: The system will check in Visma e-conomic if customer of the current order exists by searching by email and organization number (if customer is a business customer)
    1. If the customer doesn’t exist, then a new customer is created in Visma e-conomic using the data provided by Sharefox
  2. Find a layout and payment term: The system will check in Visma e-conomic for a layout and payment term
    1. If no payment term with the type due date exists, then a new payment term is created in Visma e-conomic
  3. Generate new invoice in Visma e-conomic
    1. The system will search for a product in Visma e-conomic for rental services, by looking up product name or product id property which are defined as a setting in Sharefox
    2. An invoice item row will be generated for every rented product. For example, an invoice item row looks like:

      Tractor (2022-01-10 – 2022-01-12)

      Together with other fields (price, discount, and vat)

4. An invoice is created: Please note that this invoice is created as a draft and must be approved through

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