How to filter orders by delivery status

Documentation for Filter by Delivery Status Feature

Feature for: All Sharefox customers.

Main feature goal: Have you ever wondered about the delivery status of your orders? Is an order still in transport? Has it been returned? Is it still in preparation? Are we ready for the transport? Specific questions need specific solutions such as “Filter by Delivery Status” feature. As a continuous effort to improve the system, we’ve added a new feature that will help you to track the delivery status of your orders by using an efficient filtering method. 


We’ve been gathering feedback from our customers that they need to filter their orders specifically by the delivery status to have a bird’s eye view of the current orders for various management purposes. 

  • The new “Filter by Delivery Status” feature in Sharefox will enable the shop manager to filter the orders that have been:
    •  Initiated
    • In preparation
    • Ready for Transport
    • In Transport Out
    • Ready for Pickup
    • Picked Up- Returned
    • In Transport Return- Ready for Checking
    • Checked- Closed
    • and more or fewer filters (filters may differ from one shop to the other shop)
  • The filters mentioned above are the standard ones. Your filters may vary depending on the shops' requirements. 

How does it work?

1. Open the Dashboard and select the Orders menu.
2. Click on the “more filters” button as it is highlighted on the screenshot down below.3. Choose “Delivery Status” 

4. Select the specific filter based on your request

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