Multiple Pickup and Return of products

What is new!

  • Now you can Return and Pickup multiple deliveries of the order.
  • You can choose to select all of them or some of them. After selecting them you have the action to Pickup or Return

After you click one of the buttons Pickup or Return, then you will see the checkboxes on each delivery. 

  • If the deliveries are grouped by the same name or date-time then you can also select them as a group.
  • By default, all the checkboxes are selected
  • By the end of the screen, you will see a floating bar, that will stay in there are you scroll up or down.
  • The floating bar will have some information
    • The action you are doing. Whether is Pickup or Return
    • Number of selected deliveries
    • Checkbox option to send the confirmation email to the customer
    • Date-time of Pickup or Return. By default, it will be the current date-time
    • Button Pickup, Return, Return&Close
      • Clicking the button will show up a popup to confirm the action
    • Close the X button to discard the action.
    • Each popup will have information on what are actions that will be done.

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