How to add discount to a customer?

Now you can add discount to your customers.

From the  Admin page, go to the Customers then go to the customer you want to give the discount.

On the customer page, you will see a Customer Discount line in the Activity section
In there you can Edit then you can put the discount for the customer and Save it.

How will customers see the discount prices?

When your customer is logged in. They will see the new prices on all products with the discount added to them.

How can I see prices with discounts when creating Manual Order

When you go to Admin -> Orders  then click Create order you then choose the customer to whom you added the discount. 

After choosing the customer you will see the product list. The products now will have prices with discounts.

I have products with Custom list pricing. How do users see their prices with discounts?

If you have put custom list pricing, then custom list pricing will be shown to the customer when they see the product in Shop. 

When the start date-time and end-date time is selected the price will be shown with the discount on those specific dates.

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