How to choose products for the front page

Get started with getting your selected products in higher rank on your page with just 3 easy steps!

  • The products shown in the carousel display on the front page are controlled based on what we call "product ranking".
    • To give a product a higher rank, we must first create / select the current product you want to highlight on the product page in admin.

Step 1

  • Go to your administrative page and then select "Products -> Products".

Step 2

  • Click on the current product that you want to highlight, then look for "Popularity rank (1 - 100)" in the gray zone on the right.

Step 3

  • Use the (+) or (-) characters to indicate the covetedness of the product. This is used to sort the products on the website. The one with the highest rank is displayed at the top of the list, for example on the front page of the webshop.

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