Order 2.0

With the Orders module, you will have access to more clear and user-friendly pages, with good features that will provide an efficient workflow. The upgrades include:

  • page views, information displayed, statuses and highlights.
  • Alerts at order level (eg Delayed return).
  • Order types (online vs. manual vs. internal order) are visible while browsing.
  • Availability on mobile to streamline daily operations.

Type of order and notifications. 

Filters for a more efficient daily operation

Filters are optimized to include both fast filters and more advanced filter options, including: 

  • Effective filtering for pick-up and return during the selected time period (eg today or this week).
  • Ability to filter by multiple fields as needed: order type, payment method, ect. 
  • Ability to store your own filters, based on needs.

Ability to create orders directly from admin

See separate guide on creating orders.

Many functions

  • Print or export to XLS your own selection of orders.
  • Edit orders manually and offer custom discounts or custom services. 
  • Generate invoices from the administrator and send them to your accounting program. 
  • Many other small adjustments and improvements to make your daily work more efficient. 

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