How to ask for specific info from customers

When renting out specific products to your users, you may want to ask  user-specific questions which may help you to prepare the products in advance of them being delivered. For example:

  • A winter sports shop may want to ask for user height and weight, in order to prepare ski bindings accordingly
  • You may ask customer preferences for preparing certain products (eg. snowboard mounting location and angle) 
  • You could customize each product by linking it to the user's name
  • You could ask for required information, such as usage permits on specific items
  • Questions can be either required or optional
  • Questions can be turned on and off, defined at product level, and saved as templates to be re-used on multiple products 

What will be the user experience on the webshop? 

Depending on the product, the user may be asked for extra information in one of the following two places on the user journey:

  • Asked at the time of adding a product to the shopping cart
  • Asked on the shopping cart, before the user proceeds to payment 

The manager can decide which of these two modes is selected, either at product level of at question set / template level.
The user will be able to update this information from the Cart page in both cases mentioned.

After order placement is completed, the users can see the information they provided on My rentals page, Active bookings section.

How do I define product-level questions? 

Questions can be defined from the Admin Product page, either as a private set of questions applicable to just one product or as a template to then be reused on multiple products. To create a private set of questions for just one product, simply start typing your first questions and save them one by one.

Questions can be re-arranged in terms of display priority, by simply using drag-and-drop functionality to move them up and down.

Admin user can choose if the questions will be raised on: a) adding product to cart, or b) during cart checkout, before proceeding to payment:

Finally, a set of questions can be turned into a template, and existing templates can used and updated if needed.

How do I see the answers that users are providing? 

You can see the answers in two places:

  • On the Order page, by clicking on the extra information icon for the lines that have such information:  A popup will appear, displaying all the information that the user has entered

  • On the order Packing List, which can be accessed by clicking on the Print Packing List action in the Order Page Actions dropdown

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