How to add service alerts for a rental product?

Depending on the products that your business is renting to its final users, you may consider adding service alerts for your rental inventory. In Sharefox Admin you can set up 3 types of rental alerts based on different triggers:

  • Alert based on days elapsed since the last service
  • Alert based on rental days since last service
  • Alert based on number of rentals since last service

Note that you can only set up one type of alert for a single product, but you can set up different alert types for different products to match their particular operational guidelines.

How do I set up service alerts for a product?

From the Product page in Sharefox Admin you will have to select which alert type your product should use.

Please navigate to the Attributes section and make sure to add one of the "Service by..." attributes type.

Select the service alert type desired and enter the usage limit in the Value field:

  • Service by Days: enter in the Value field the max. number of days between two completed service events
  • Service by Rental Days: will track usage based on days rented out since last service. Enter max. value before alert is triggered
  • Service by Rentals: will track usage based on number of rentals since last service. Enter max. value before alert is triggered 

Note: In order to benefit from the service alerts feature, you will need to allocate inventory items to each rental order. Then usage levels can be calculated correctly at inventor item level.

Where do alerts show up and how can I check item usage level?

On the Inventory overview page you will see a small red alert on the top right of your page:

Clicking on this icon will display more details such as which products and which inventory items require service as soon as possible or which ones will require service soon.

Going to that particular inventory item will allow you to see the actual: usage level since last service, usage limit set and any service history logs taken by anyone in your organisation for that particular item. 

In order to reset the service completion date just enter a historical service log with type "Completed" for the desired date. This will reset the usage level based on the selected date and the usage measurement type selected for that product. 

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