How the deposit works with NETS EASY

With the new Nets Easy payment portal, a deposit is reserved at the beginning of the booking together with the booking fee. The customer then authorizes the deposit and the sale price together in a reservation. In short, the deposit is not a transaction, but only a reservation.

This is how it works

NETS will trigger a "reservation" of "total amount" where the rental amount and deposit amount are combined. For example, NOK 150 where the NOK 100 booking fee + NOK 50 deposit. Thereafter, NOK 100 will be deducted immediately and the original reservation will disappear from the customer's reserved (available amount). The deposit will still be possible to withdraw afterwards.
There will thus be no capture transaction on the remaining NOK 50 for deposit and the customer will therefore not see a return transaction on that amount. In those cases where you want to take a deposit, you go to the capture deposit function and do it from there. As the customer has already approved the deposit amount, you are assured that the bank will carry out the transaction. If there are not sufficient funds in the account, the customer's balance will be negative.
Note that with the Easy upgrade, you will no longer need to close a deposit (return deposit) and release the deposit.

If you are on DIBS / NETS older D2 platform, the deposit reservation is approved separately from the sale amount and you still have to close the deposit. Please note, however, that the reservation will expire from the bank / VISA after a while (depending on the bank).


  • A customer rents a bicycle for 1 day. The bike costs 100NOK a day, and it has a deposit of 500NOK for any damage / delays.
  • In the payment process, the system will reserve a full amount of 600NOK (100NOK + 500NOK) to place and complete the customer's order, but immediately only withdraw an account for 100 NOK. Deposit reservation disappears from the customer's account.
  • When the customer has finished the rent and delivers the bike in the same good condition, the deposit is not used. The customer will not see a "refund" on his account of 500NOK as that amount was never deducted from the customer's account, but only reserved in the customer's bank. This then only applies to EASY. If you are as mentioned on the D2 platform, it is good practice to close the order and release the actual deposit reservation.
  • If you want to withdraw the deposit, it is done via deposit capture under payments and can be deducted up to NOK 500 in this case. The customer will then automatically receive a receipt for postage.

Note on bank statements

A transaction will be charged immediately after the reservation of the deposit. Depending on the time and bank connection, it may still take a few days between the reserved amount (including deposit) and the amount charged (the rental amount) is updated on the bank statement.

Should the customer experience persistent reservation after 2-3 banking days, the customer is encouraged to contact their bank.

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