How to use order tags

Sharefox helps you to structure, organize and mark your orders, for different business purposes!

For example:

  • You can classify your orders based on: projects they belong to, customer segments other criteria
  • You can add extra information, such as purchase order number, or other details of interest
  • You will be able to see these tags and search by them while browsing orders in the Orders module

How to assign tags to an order?

A pop-up will then appear as illustrated below.
  • In the Type drop-down menu, you will find all order labels that you have created in Settings listed. The number to the right shows how many values from a particular type are selected:

The values section contains all active tags for the selected type. You can check any value from any type

It’s also possible to create a new tag from this popup. Fill out ‘New type value’ input and press the ADD button. It will create a new tag with the selected type and automatically check it:

Click on Clean All button will uncheck all tags in all types:

Click on Manage button will redirect you to the Order tags settings page

Pressing on CONFIRM button will assign all checked tags the order and unassign all unchecked tags(if any exist) from the order

Pressing on Cancel button will simply close this popup and cancel all your changes except of adding new tag

Where can I see assigned order tags?

In the Order details page:In the Orders list page:

To see all assigned tags on this page you can hover your mouse over the tags row and a tooltip with more info will appear

On the Orders list page it is also possible to search orders by assigned tags. Simply enter tag name or type in the search input and only orders with the same assigned tags will be shown

How to manage order tags?

In the Settings module go to the Others page > Open Order Tags tab:

All tags are grouped by ‘Type’ field, so one type can have many tags, one tag can have one type. On this page you will see the list of created order tags. 

And also you will have a possibility to create a new tag by filling out this form

In order to create a new tag you have to enter type and value fields. If you start typing in the type field, you will see the list of suggested and already existing types. You can select any existing type, in this case a new tag will be assigned to the selected type. If you enter an unexisting type - a new one will be created with a Tag, assigned to this type.

ADD button becomes green if the form is valid. Press it to add a new tag

If you press on this ‘delete’ button, the form will be reseted

Press this button to remove the order tag. Please

note: if no tags left in the tag type - tag type will be removed

If you want to edit tag - press this button

Edit tag form has the same behaviour as create tag form.If you enter an unexisting type it will create a new one. If you select existing - tag will be assigned to existing type. Press the green button to save changes.

or this button to cancel entered changes

You can activate and deactivate tags by switching this toggles 

Active tags will be available in the Assign Tag popup, inactive won’t be.

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