How to add a service note to an inventory item?

In Sharefox you can keep track of your inventory maintenance history, by adding service notes at inventory item level. 

This can be beneficial in order to:

  • See the history of changes made to a specific inventory item
  • Log in important events, such as service completed date, which in turn can drive inventory alerts to inform you of upcoming or overdue service 

Where can I see inventory item service notes? 

In the Admin Inventory module, select the product to which the item belongs to. In the item list, click on the service icon to access the service notes:

A new popup will show you the service note history along with other important service information (eg. if service alerts have been enabled for your site and this product):

How to add a new service note or entry? 

You can add either a simple service note or mark a special event, such as service completed. Please select the status option that applies best to your situation:

For simple maintenance updates, we recommend using the Other service status option.
For regular / annual maintenance, using the Completed service status option is recommended. This in turn will reset the usage measurement, in case inventory service alerts are enabled for your site and this product.

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