How to set up social media in your shop


Engage your customers and get your business found on social media! Customize your shop by linking to your business' social media. You can choose from the most common social media sites used today, and you can set up a custom link to a site that is not part of the standard sites.

How does it look on your site

The social media links will be shown at the bottom of each page in your shop.
Each link will have the logo of the social media supplier. Below is an example where all possible media links are used

Setting up social media links 

The setup page can be found under Admin Settings, General and the Social Media tab. 

 It is possible to set up the following social media links

  • Facebook
  • Instragram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

In addition you can add a custom social media site where you can put your own picture/brand

For each social media source you can choose to show it or not, and you can enter the link to which you would like the user to be taken on clicking the link. 

Custom social media

The setup for custom social media links contains two fields. The first field is for the link itself, the second is so that the site knows what picture to show as the link. The link to the custom social media link can be any working url. 

It is possible to use a separate picture for the link and it is possible to set this up using the Media setup in Sharefox. When using the Sharefox Admin Media setup a picture must be uploaded and the URL of that picture copied into the last field in the custom social media setup

In this example we can see the link in the middle of the picture. It is possible to mark the link and copy it. 

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