How to upload product photos and videos

  • Navigate to "Product" in the main menu. Then select a product.
  • Photos and videos are added under the Multimedia section:

  • New photos/videos are added with the "Add Product Images" button. Here you can then upload photos from your computer, insert a link, or link to Youtube or Vimeo. For images, approved formats are * .png and * .jpg. and the size you can upload is a maximum of 5 MB.

  • Note! Remember that the image/video must be displayed on the website and must be set to "Published". If the switch is set to Inactive, the image will be hidden from the user.
  • Type - here you choose which type of multimedia you want and where they are published on the website:
    • Presentation (Top): Appears at the top of the product page. You can have several pictures in a carousel so that the customer can browse:

  • More (bottom). Appears at the bottom of the website. By adding text you can comment on the image. Can be used for instructional images, Youtube or Vimeo:

  • Display order - In which order you want the pictures / video to be displayed on the website. The higher number, the earlier it will be shown.

Change an image

If you want to change the image / video, press the pencil, at the top right of the image a multimedia settings pop-up will appear.

Reduce the image size

If there is a desire or need to compress images or take sections of images, there are also some simple web tools and free programs for this. Two examples here:

  • This is ok to "crop" ie cut in photos:
  • While this is very good for reducing file size on images. Easy to just drag the file into the web browser so we have used them a lot:

Please note if you change the image on your homepage and share your link, the preview image on the shared link will take 24 hours to update. For example if you share your link on Facebook, the previewed image will not change for 24 hours after the picture on the webpage is updated. 

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