Order and Payment reporting

To help with monthly reconciliation, accounting and give a general overview of orders and payments within a given timespan, you have two standards reports delivered by Sharefox.

The reports are commonly run monthly for the previous month and can be set to run on specific dates (eg. 15th of the month) for the month in progress (If you need to customize the range of time please contact support@sharefox.co). They are run by default on the first of day the month, detailing transactions for the previous month. 

Sales report

This report lists out all orders that were made within the reporting month.

Each order is connected to a payment type indicating how the customer paid for their order. In case of Online payments the report will link to the payment done by the customer. Payments done through invoice, kasse or other methods are not tracked through Sharefox and will therefore not appear in the report. Note on Payments: The report are only reporting on Sales and Payments done within the reporting period. It is possible to have an order happen at the end of the period and the payment come through after the period has ended. For example, an order could be placed on the 31st of March and the payment is done on the 2nd of April. In this case the Order will show as not paid when running the report for March as the payment was not received within this reporting period

Payment report

This report lists out all successful payment operations that were made within a given set of dates. 

Only ACCEPTED payments are listed, failed payments are not in this list. 

Each payment is linked to the order it was a payment for.

How to download your report

From your Admin menu >  Reports 
Choose the filters you need and the format (CSV or XLS) you prefer to download your report

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