B2B customer invoices & other payment methods

You may want to allow your end customers to make an online booking without paying online at the time of booking. These customers might choose an alternative payment method such as an Faktura (Invoice). For this arrangement, two prerequisites must be present:

  • The shop needs to have Payment method whitelisting enabled
  • The end user organisation number has to be whitelisted in order settings

Go to your  Settings module from the Admin left menu. Then click on Others and Order Management

You will be able to adjust the first two settings:

  • Payment method whitelisting: This is a switch which enables or disables the whitelisting feature
  • Whitelisted organizations: Please enter the organization numbers of all organizations you want to whitelist, separated by comma
  • Allowed payment methods: Will show enabled alternative payment methods (eg. Faktura). If you'd like other payment methods enabled, please contact support@sharefox.no

When finished with the changes, you can click  Save as Draft in order to save your work. To activate the new changes live, click the Publish button :)

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