How do I change my email settings?

There are several transactional emails* or email types that your Sharefox platform is providing out of the box!
From your Admin site you can adjust some of the settings related to transactional emails, namely related to:

  • Receipt Emails
  • Contact Us Emails

To access these settings go to Admin ▸ Settings  Email Communication

Under Receipt Emails tab you will be able to customise some settings for your confirmation / receipt emails going out to your users:

  • Sending Address: Sharefox supports configuring a sending address of your choice (such as from which all receipts / booking confirmations will be sent.
    To whitelist your domain ( please contact
    Once the domain is configured, you can change the sending address freely within the same domain
  • Sending Display Name: Shows as the "From" name on emails sent out to your users
  • Reply-To Address: Emails sent will be configured with a "Reply-To" tag, which can guide the email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to fill in a different address on reply-to emails (eg.
  • Emails will include styling elements for your company brand (eg. logo, primary colour) and standard functional elements (eg. customer information, order details information) which are automatically generated

Contact Us Emails: Users may contact your business for various inquiries related to available products, existing bookings and other topics via Help ▸ Contact Us form on the Shop site.
After each inquiry, two emails will be generated: one sent to your support email and second one confirmation email sent to the final user.

Some adjustments you can make:

  • You can choose to enable or disable the Contact Us feature altogether. Our recommendation is to keep it active, having in mind that the form is protected by ReCaptcha feature to ensure the request is made by a human user :)
  • You can adjust the sending name and the first introductory paragraph on the email that will go out to your users
  • Emails will automatically include styling for your company (eg. logo, primary colour) and functional elements (eg. user message)

When finished, click Save as Draft in order to save your work (note: this won’t make the information visible to your users yet). To activate the new changes live, click the Publish button!

Transactional emails are automatically sent to customers after a specific action has been performed within an application or website

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