How does the 24Seven integration work?

How do I prepare for the 24Seven - Sharefox integration?

After successfully creating the 24Seven account for your business you can proceed with Sharefox integration. First, you will need to add a dedicated Admin user for the Sharefox application to use, and communicate some information to Sharefox Support.

24Seven account name

Please send your account name to Sharefox Support: Find the company name displayed in your 24Seven account on top right (note: make sure you provide exact value to ensure the integration is smooth)

24Seven API user access

Next you will need to add Sharefox account ( as a user to your 24Seven platform. You do this by going to the platform and clicking on Administration > Company Admin

Go to Users tab ▸ click Add External user▸ type Sharefox email and click the plus "+" button. There is no need to select the user package at this moment, just click Next

After clicking Next you have different packages that you can allow the user to have and click Invite. You only need to select Invoicing package for Sharefox user, others are not needed.

After doing this steps it is Sharefox Support job to handle the continuation of the 24Seven integration. After you receive confirmation that the integration is completed, you can start sending invoices.

How is the 24Seven invoice created?

The 24Seven invoicing integration works with Orders 2.0 module in Sharefox. An invoice that is created in Sharefox can be transferred to 24Seven in the following way. 

What should I do in Sharefox? 

Once you have an order created, you can add an invoice and transfer it to 24Seven by following this sequence:

  • Create an invoice for your order ▸ Make sure the invoice data is complete
  • Make sure / change invoice type to Data for Accounting
  • Click Send Invoice 
What happens in 24Seven? 

The system will automatically perform the following steps:

  1. Finding right customer. The system will check in 24Seven if customer exists by searching by email and organization number (if it is set)
    • If the customer exists, the data is updated with the properties provided in Sharefox app (such as address)
    • If the customer doesn’t exist, then a new customer is created in 24Seven using the data provided
    • If organization name is set, the customer name on 24Seven will be same as organization name on Sharefox, and the customer name on Sharefox will be added as invoice comment on 24Seven.
  2. Generate new order in 24Seven
    • The system will search for a generic product in 24Seven dedicated for rental services, by looking up product name property which is defined as a setting in Sharefox. 
    • If such product doesn’t exist, it will be created
    • we create new product with data provided and assign it to the category provided which is also set from Business Settings same as product name (for example: "SharefoxRental")
    • If category doesn't exist, we create a new one with the name provided
    • We will be looking for VAT by given percentage per row
    • Then we’ll generate an invoice item row for every rented product. For example, an invoice item row looks like: Tractor (2021-01-10 – 2021-01-12)’ together with other fields (price, discount and vat)
    • Send this prepared data to 24Seven and create order
  3. An order is created. Please note this order is not sent directly to the final customer. It needs to be published as an invoice via 24SevenOffice app
Can I see if invoice was paid? 

In Sharefox you can see if an invoice was paid in 24Seven, by clicking button Check Status. The system will look for the invoice in 24SevenOffice and return the status of the invoice (paid, not paid).

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