Your administration site

The Admin site is available via two URLs:

Admin credentials have been provided to your site as requested via the establishment form Admin Users. In case of adjustments needed, please contact Sharefox Support.

Once, you have logged in, you will see the list of Sharefox modules on the left side of the screen. You can use these to navigate through the site and manage your business.

   Dashboard Displays reporting charts useful in shop management, such as revenues, orders count, etc.
Schedule An overview of existing orders in calendar view (monthly, weekly,  daily) useful in daily operations
Orders List of existing orders, with search and sorting capabilities. Manage individual orders.
Customers Allows one to manage registered customers (see all customer orders, update customer address, etc.)
Products Manage product offerings including their details such as multimedia or pricing, and product categories. Use Coupons sub-section to manage coupons and gift cards.
Activities Manage inspirational pages (activities or blogs), with links to current product offerings.
Inventory Track assets in your inventory. Manage both rentable equipment and consumable stocks.
Reporting Regular reports, such as overview of monthly transactions.

Users and roles

Access to Sharefox Admin features can be defined selectively for each user, following your business needs. Access can be granted to each Sharefox module individually.

To define additional users and / or custom roles, please contact Sharefox Customer Service:

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