Shop-In-iFrame: Integrating existing shop

iFrame is a rental system designed that can be easily integrated into an existing website. This integration will give you the ability to rent out your products / services without having to make significant changes to your current website. For more information on iFrame, see the points below:

Visible changes

  • Optional text in the menu (Ex: Rent equipment).
  • Easy access to the box for rental equipment through 2 floating buttons that follow you everywhere on the page.

Rental equipment page

  • With the option to change the design of the main menu, it will be easier than ever to distinguish between menu number 1 and menu number 2.
  • The rental system iFrame starts under their logo which is on the left side with a separate menu on the right side.

  • All products that are added to the shopping cart will appear in the "float" button that will follow you around everything on the page. (See picture below):
  • To complete the trade, the customer can use the "float button" as we see from the picture above to get to the checkout, and then complete the trade in the usual way. (See picture below):

iFrame installation

  • For installation of iFrame, you can use the link below that explains the process step by step.

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