Follow your search traffic - with Google Search Console

Optimize your content with Search Analytics and see which queries bring users to your site!


1. Go to page:

2. Click 'Start' to go. 
    Note: If you are not already logged in to Google it will ask you to log in

3. You will see the start page where you will add your site domain.
    Enter your domain. Let's take and click 'Continue'

If you do not see that screen you can go on the top right corner and click Menu then Select property where then you have the option to 'Add property'

4. You will see a popup that will ask you to write a DNS record in your Domain Provider system.
    Copy the value and add it to your Domain Provider system record and after that click 'Verify' in this popup. If you are having trouble adding it, contact your Domain Provider.

5. Then you will see the Google Search Console Overview page.

6. Go to the Sitemaps page from the left sidebar.
    Write sitemap.xml after your domain and then click 'Submit'


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