Payment interruption issues [Nets Easy gateway]

There are multiple valid reasons why a payment may be refused by Nets Easy, such as insufficient funds, payment card expired, communication issues with the acquirer or customer bank. Sometimes it can also be a technical problem, so here are 2 of the most common reasons why the customer is unable to complete their order: 

  • Communication problems from NETS to the customer's bank so that the signals sent back to Sharefox are delayed and errors can therefore occur.
  • In some cases, the bank or card terminal may not be able to store the customer's card (storing customer cards has, for example, been a problem at Danske Bank).

Sharefox will then receive an error message, since Sharefox needs to store the customer's card for functions such as refunds and deposits to work, Sharefox will therefore reject the transaction and give an error message during the payment process and in the order. For example: if storage is not made possible, functions such as extra charge / extra cost, inside the order menu will not be functional.

If you are wondering whether transactions have been completed and the customer has paid or not, please check inside the NETS portal to confirm that the order is paid or not. Sharefox only sends signals to NETS and does not perform the actual transactions or store the card. If in doubt about transactions or troubleshooting, it may therefore be a good idea to check with NETS. Log in to your user portal with the username and password that you have received from NETS. Here is a link to your login portal at NETS:

If your end users report such issues, please inform as soon as possible both Nets Easy Support (contact information) and Sharefox Support (on

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