Custom styling: Styling your template with custom css

You can add custom styles to your Sharefox Shop site for your custom sections, or overwrite styles for existing components, by uploading a custom file styles.css via Admin Branding module.

To upload the custom css file, perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare your styles.css file in advance 
  2. Go to Admin Branding module and navigate to Image & Files section

  3. Upload your file in the Custom Files section via button Add. Make sure that you name your file "styles.css" - this will ensure the content will be used correctly on your site
  4. Click the "tick" Save button on the right hand side to complete the operation

Updates: If you want update the file at a later stage, just click the "pen" update icon on the right hand side. Select your file and click the "tick" Save button to complete the operation

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